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He's caught you red-handed! 
24th-Feb-2013 10:58 am

It's play time, and guess who's excited? Hamlet, of course!

He tells the calm and cool Horatio to watch his uncle during the play, see if he looks guilty, horrified, and all that jazz.

The play starts, and Hamlet asks his Mom how she likes it so far. She responds by telling her son that the Play Queen is playing too hard to get! We're thinking if it were up to Gertrude, she wouldn't have objected to the King's moves at all! Claudius asks Hamlet what the play's title is and Hamlet tells him that it's called "The Mousetrap" (very appropriate title!). The King starts panicking, and orders the play to be stopped.

With Hamlet's suspicions confirmed, he's bouncing all over the place with excitement! Guildenstern comes, and tells Hamlet that his angry Mom wants to see him! Hamlet knows for sure that Guildenstern is not on his side, and tells him that he is not so easily played with.

Now that he knows he's got the King red-handed, he's ready to take revenge! Hamlet takes off to have a few hurtful words with his Mother.
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