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It's about time, Hamlet! 
25th-Feb-2013 12:14 pm
The great man of action, Fortinbras, makes an entrance!

Word is out and according to the captain of his army, they are really just invading a worthless piece of land in Poland. Either country can live without it. But you got to give it to Fortinbras for being on the go no matter what!


Hamlet hears about Fortinbras, and he soliloquizes about
a. everything is pointing out how slow he's been
b. how he sucks at all this
c. violent mode starts NOW

Ophelia has gotten the crazies! She gets an audience with the King and Queen, but is she really speaking nonsense? Or is there something beneath her coded words?


Gertrude stresses on how problems come in battalions:
a. Polonius' death
b. Hamlet being sent to England
c. Denmark is suspicious
d. Ophelia's insanity
e. Laertes is back and hungry for revenge

Poor Laertes! He comes in vengeful, and sees everything has gone terribly wrong.
Ophelia gives out flowers(?) to everyone, each having a meaning to it.

In a later scene, we hear news of Ophelia's drowning. Laertes, having lost his family, fuels his thirst for revenge. He plans his revenge with Claudius, coming up with an idea of a fencing match between Hamlet and Laertes. Laertes is to use a sharp poisoned blade to kill Hamlet. If worse comes to worst, a poisoned drink will await him.

Hamlet is on his way back to Denmark! Apparently he was kidnapped by pirates! Good thing they were nice enough to give him a ride back home! Sadly, there is no pirate scene.
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