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To Live or to Die? 
24th-Feb-2013 10:14 am

Meanwhile, Hamlet contemplates whether he should continue to live or end his life, accept his troubles passively or fight them? He reveals that he prefers to end his life, but is scared of what comes after death.

He continues to wonder why anyone would prefer to live through a miserable life when one could just easily end his life? After all, what keeps one from taking his life? Is it life after death?

In this case, is it really the afterlife Hamlet is afraid of or is it the consequences of his actions that stop him?

Ophelia enters, looking to return Hamlet's gifts. Hamlet firmly denies that he has ever given them, and in his emotional bipolarity, abuses poor Ophelia, leaving her hurt and confused. Polonius' theory of love madness is disproved.

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