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24th-Feb-2013 08:54 am - Agent 007 of Denmark

Polonius makes another appearance, and this time we catch him giving instructions to his servant! So we listened in, and here's what we got:

1. Give these letters to Laertes, but before you do, inquire about him
2. Ask the people if they know of any Danish people in Paris
3. If they do, spread bad rumors about my Laertes!
4. Observe their expressions!

"If they’re surprised then I’ll know my boy’s been following my advice!"

Well, it seems like someone's self-conscious!

It's not long after he sends his servant out that Ophelia runs to her Dad looking terrified. Apparently Hamlet just barged into her room, looking as crazy as a betsy bug! Polonius thinks that Hamlet's been struck by love madness! He decides it's entirely his fault that her boyfriend went crazy since he was the one who told Ophelia to avoid Hamlet.
It's ghost watching time for Hamlet as Claudius continues to get as drunk as a skunk! This, however, seems to trigger Hamlet's EVIL SENSES, and he starts to recite:


Everyone has evil in them, and some of the reasons behind it are:

1. An inherited trait
2. Their dominant bile
3. A habit

All of a sudden, the Ghost appears! Hamlet decides to follow it, threatening to kill anyone who stops him from doing so.

We catch Hamlet telling the Ghost to speak to him, and surprisingly it does! The Ghost tells Hamlet that he is his dead father who was murdered in his sleeping. Somebody poured poison into his ear, killing him in so little time.

Who's that somebody, you ask? Well, it's none other that his own brother, Claudius!


The Ghost tells Hamlet to take revenge, but leave his Mother to heaven. Hamlet promises to follow his late Father's instructions right away!

Hamlet cooks up a plan, and the first part of his EPIC scheme is to ACT CRAZY!
24th-Feb-2013 08:21 am - Agent 007 of Denmark
Laertes is leaving for France, as he reminds his sister, Ophelia to watch out for Hamlet. Apparently, he just can't be trusted. It may seem like an unneeded concern, but Laertes does have a point. Hamlet is heir to the crown meaning his duty to Denmark will always come before his love for Ophelia. Polonius makes an appearance just almost missing his son and gives him some advice.


1. Think before you speak.
2. Think before you act.
3. Be friendly but not rude.
4. Keep your true friends.
5. Don’t buy your friends.
6. Don’tget into fights, but if you do, WIN.
7. Listen to others, don’t talk too much.
8. Listen to others, but don’t judge.
9. Live within your means.
10. Don’t borrow/lend, you may lose more money and friendships.

Laertes leaves then, telling Ophelia to remember what he has told her. While Ophelia promises to keep it a secret, she soon breaks that promise when she starts telling Polonius all about it. And Polonius, being his conceited self, tells Ophelia to be wary and careful around Hamlet else he'd seem a fool.

Claudius is making some speech about how his brother's dead, and how his brother's wife is now his wife. He announces that he has sent his messengers to Norway so that they could convince Fortinbras to stop the war. It stops the people from worrying too much (but really, he's just trying so hard to win them over especially since his brother was an amazing King).


After all that, Laertes asks Claudius if he could go back to France since he's done attending to his duties here in Denmark. Claudius, being the kind of King who is all for the Family First! idea (Is this for real?) asks Laertes if he's asked his Dad, Polonius for his permission. He gets confirmation when Polonius said that he has already reluctantly agreed after much persuading.


Hamlet comes in all gloom and doom which makes Claudius and Gertrude wonder why he's still so depressed when everyone goes eventually... Claudius even tells Hamlet that people are going to think he's gay with all the crying he's doing...

They try to convince Hamlet to stay in Denamrk, he agrees when his mother asks.

After this encounter with his parents, Hamlet starts ranting:

Ughh I want to kill myself ,but noooo I’d be sinning if I did! The world sucks! My Dad hasn’t even been dead for 2 months, and she’s already moved on! I mean, he’s obviously better than Claudius, but she’s already all over him, it’s gross! NASTY! Why are women so weak!?

It's a good thing Horatio comes in, and tells Hamlet all about the Ghost. Hopefully, it will speak to Hamlet.
23rd-Feb-2013 11:00 pm - It's cold, dark, I hate being here

It's a cold midnight, Barnardo's standing guard, with Horatio and Marcellus, looking like he really REALLY didn't want to be there. Horatio says it was all in their imagination, but Barnardo keeps insisting that THE GHOST is real!

Well of course they were all scared when it did appear! They were even more surprised when they realized it looked exactly like the late King Hamlet when he fought against Norway. Speaking of Norway, the young Fortinbras plans to attack Denmark!

They started telling Horatio to talk to it since he's smart and all, but it didn't respond... Instead, it just started leaving.

It appeared again though, only to disappear when some rooster started crowing... In the end, the men decided to tell Hamlet all about it, hoping that it would at least speak to him.
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